My feelings now

you do not know what I'm feeling right now ...
I often cry, feel sad .. you do not know that
My heart was sore ....
I still have eyes and hearts to see and feel
it's not my right to be angry with you, but I'm also a woman who has a sense of jealousy

but ... the feeling of jealousy that can lose, because I feel that your love is so strong, so when I'm jealous I can remember how precious you are my eyes, so your importance to me ...

I am the person who can not linger angry at the people closest
that's one of my weaknesses

you are the most important part of my life, I do not want to lose you just because a small problem .. that's my principle

i remembered
I still can see blue sky
see the blue sky is something that activities can
helped to ease the ache that sometimes can not be resisted
"honey, look at the same sky that we feel close"
and sing the song "my love" to remember me

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