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"Hello guys. How are you? hope you are all okay.
Well, um, as you already know, there was a fractal exhibition and workshop last week here in Indonesia and i was asking you guys to participate. so, i'm here to talk about how's the event going.
First of, it was not as i was expected, in the mean of number of guess that come to the workshop. on the facebook event page, the confirmed participant was around 60 person. But it was only around 10 persons who really come to the workshop. it was not as i expected, but it still good because those 10 persons is really excited about fractal art and want to know more about it.
On the workshop session, ~killythirsk was explaining about the history of fractals, what is fractal, and fractal in our everyday life. Me, i was doing a tutorial on my session. I show them how to make a grand-julian and julian-rings2 fractal with apophysis. It was very strange and fun at the same time. :lol: It feels strange and funny because i have to talk about transforms, variations, weighting, etc to the people who just touch Apophysis for the first time. I was hoping that they didn’t confused by what i said. But from the look of their face, i can’t see that the are a little bit frustrated and confused. :lol: :ashamed:
About the exhibition, there were total 55 images exhibited. The exhibition was started from 10 AM until 4 PM. Sadly, there were no fractal was sold. I don’t know, maybe because the majority of the people who came to the exhibition was students. But that’s alright. They seems very excited and want to know more about fractal art. I ask some of them about what they think about the fractal exhibited there. They think that they were amazing and it was their first time seeing fractals.
The event was not as i expected because maybe i was hoping too much that it will be a big event. But then i think again that this is our first event in Indonesia and there are still so many people didn’t know about fractal art. So, the fact that there are some people come to the event is making me happy.
We learn so much from this event. We learn about what people think about fractal art and we know where’s our position in Indonesia art scene.  
For the future we plan to make another exhibition in public space, in a restaurant, or maybe a small art gallery. I hope that you guys continue to support us to spread the word about fractal art to the people.
Okay, i think i out of word. :D If you have anything you want to know about the exhibition, go and ask :eager: In the mean time, enjoy some photos from the event. :)
oh btw, the event is also covered by a media, Indonesia Kreatif. this is the link to the article. --> [link] :)
And one more thing: Thank you so much for all the participated artist! you guys are awesome! :hug:"

 itulah field Report dari guagapunyaimel tentang  pamerannya
semoga untuk kedepannya,para pengunjung pameran fractal yg digelar  bg guagapunyaimel lebih semarak
dan lebih rame goodluck!

aku juga berkontribusi lho..hehehe 

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